Patchouli Dunk shampoo body bar

DUNK BARS are Head to Toe bars
One bar equals 2-3 bottles of shampoo and body wash.
Natural shampoo body bars provide a simple eco-friendly alternative to bottled liquid products. The formulation has antioxidant benefits, full lather, plus moisturizing all without the bottle. Use this bar all over the body from head to toes. These bars are not traditional soap bars, they are formulated eco-friendly performance products in solid form.

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DUNK BARS are Head to Toe bars

Patchouli scent
great treatment for oily scalp and dandruff
Beneficial for skin conditions
An aphrodisiac that promotes increased feelings of desire
Helps to promote relaxation and helping to ease stress or anxiety
Shea Butter for moisturizing
Organic Aloe Vera Gel is added for healing

NOTE: Store after use in a dry spot, do not allow this product to sit in water. Soap rack is ideal storage when not in use to prolong the life and usage of these bars.

Shampoo Bars are 100% Natural with Organic Ingredients. SLS Free, no dyes or synthetic fragrance. Sustainable coconut derived. Made with real essential oil. Cold press for low carbon foot manufacturing. Veggie wrapped.

  • Each bar has the added hair strengthening and manageability with added Brown Rice Protein.
  •  Includes Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter for moisturizing.
  • Sodium Coco-Sulfate is derived from 100% natural coconut oil and corn starch to balance the hair’s oils.
  • The perfect amount of Organic Aloe Vera Gel is added for healing and soothing.
  • Our Niagara produced Hydrosol is added as part of the bio-water component. Hydrosol is the co-product during essential oil distillation and has much additional healing and soothing properties.

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Weight 0.072 kg
Dimensions 6.35 × 2.54 × 2.54 cm


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